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 Jeff Horton, PM  

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At our Stated Meeting for February we were served a fine meal of BBQ ribs beans and corn on the cob.  The Kitchen Staff (Pam) planned for 45 meals and only 18 were served.  Our Eastern Star Ladies work hard to support the Lodge with these meals.  Starting in March I would like to have our members either call or email me if you are going to have dinner with us.  If we don’t get enough reservations then they will prepare 20 meals and if your late for the 6:30 dinner you will be out of luck.  The ladies gave the remaining food to the Fire Department on Pima St. and they loved it.  We can’t go on like this so please let me know if you are having dinner so we can have a head count otherwise you’ll just have to take your chances on being fed. 

 Jeff Horton PM Sec.

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~ David A. Brown ~ Worshipful Master - 2019 ~

It was wonderful to have such an amazing turnout at our April stated meeting.  It was a real pleasure seeing the faces of brethren in Lodge that we have not seen for awhile.  I believe that this uptick in attendance was partially due to the announced bylaws change proposal.  While our fraternity is steeped in tradition, we must be open to change if we expect to learn and grow.  I am a strong proponent of traditions and our ritual, in order to maintain these, we need the involvement of the entire body of our brotherhood. We all share a common goal that brought us to Masonry, that is to “make good men, better men”.  We begin this journey through our initiation and then on to the following degrees, much is taught to us during these ceremonies.  However, our Masonic travels do not end there, we must continue our journey that brought us to Masonry.  Whether you are a newly initiated Entered Apprentice, a Past Master that has received his 50 year pin, or a Brother somewhere between those two points in his travels, we need your involvement.  We need you to share with us your experiences and lessons learned, to share with us what brought and kept you in Masonry, and to bring your ideas and suggestions to help us achieve that common goal of making each of us a better man.

During the May stated meeting we will decide which direction the Lodge will have it’s elected pedestal officers vote on the various proposed Grand Lodge legislation at the Annual Grand Lodge Communication.  We have scheduled visitation to Oasis Lodge on 14 May, I encourage you all to join us and help spread the cement of brotherly love.

WB Dave


~ Matthew W. Hedrick ~ Senior Warden - 2019 ~

“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”

– Bro. Benjamin Franklin
St. John’s Lodge of Philadelphia, USA

Dang, when I read this the first time I immediately wondered "How does Bro. Ben know me?"   How can he say something that is so accurately applies to me?   

This is  a lesson I have found hard to learn.  One I struggle with daily even at 45 years of age.  You would think I would have learned this by now.  But I haven't.   Why?   Because I am still growing.  I am still striving every day to make myself a better man.   To be a better person for my family, my friends, my community, and for this world.  Isn't that one of the principle foundations of Masonry?   That we are making mankind better?   Remember that my Brothers as you walk through your life.  You are going to run into people and be placed into situations where it would be so easy to say the wrong thing at the most tempting of moments.    It is in these times that we need to strengthen ourselves with our Masonic teachings.  It is at these times that we need to remember to keep our passions in due bounds.   To circumscribe our desires.   You know...bite our darn tongues.    An act sometime easier said than done.   The lessons we learn in our rituals and teachings, which are inculcated in our Lodges, are not meant to be forgotten as we pass through the doors on our way into the night.  But are meant to be applied to our daily lives and actions.   Helping us to grow and thus making good men better.


~ Patrick S. Zech PM ~Junior Warden - 2019 ~

What is Truth

We live in a culture where truth is suspect and where truth is being re-defined, which means that ‘truth is being falsified.’ An increasing number of people in our culture believe truth is a moving target - a subjective reality - something that changes like the seasons - or they believe truth is something within themselves - something each person must discover for themselves. This is a challenging and difficult reality for truth-lovers to accept. But if we don’t accept this reality, we are denying the truth of what is for the truth we want to be - and in doing so we commit the very wrong we’re unwilling to accept! Humanity has always preferred certain truths over others. We point out the problems of others...while we ignore our own struggle with the same issues. We demand others treat us with respect and dignity - yet withhold these things from those we disagree with. We complain and accuse the culture of selfish pursuits, while we live for ourselves. 

Throughout history, truth has been a dividing force - which is why so many people struggle with it. Truth forces you to make a decision. Will you accept it...ignore or reject it...redefine it...or try to relativize it? Truth is a gift...a blessing. The truth on the medicine bottle about the dosage...or the side a blessing - it helps me - it doesn’t hurt me. A truthful mechanic - a truthful plumber - electrician - a truthful car sales-person - is a blessing. 

This past week a local news station ran a story about used car dealers across the country doing what’s called “digital rollbacks” - where they roll-back the odometer which allows them to increase the price of the car. The story claimed research that shows 1.6 million cars across the country have an odometer rolled back. Does this concern you...or get you upset? Why? Because the truth matters! 

Truth protects, informs, and guides. But truth can be used to hurt. Truth is powerful...and can be used to harm instead of help. We now hear the phrases “My personal truth” - “Your truth” - “Their truth”. But truth is not customizable. Truth is a settled fact - an unchanging reality. 2+2 = 4. This does not change - depending on who’s doing the math homework. But the problem is we grow tired of the truth...the same truth...and we might be tempted to want something new...something fresh...something innovative or creative. While ‘fresh’, ‘innovation’ and ‘creativity’ are wonderful things, they can’t be applied to truth - because if they are - the truth ceases to be the truth. If the Over-the-counter pharmaceutical companies grew tired of the same old message on the medicine labels and decided to get ‘creative’ - the result would be loss - pain - suffering. 

In 1943 Winston Churchill gave an address to Harvard University and said this: “The empires of the future will be empires of the mind.” So insightful! Churchill was trying to convey the importance of truth...the importance of what you believe. He was able to see that in the future, the greater power on the world stage would not be nation-states but ideas...ideology would be the power of nations. Military weapons certainly have a great deal of power, but their power is limited compared to the power of ideas. The power of lies and falsehoods can only be defeated with truth and love. 

Truth is not’s objective. Culture is moving away from truth. Redefining... Relativism... Rejecting... customizing it to fit their needs and wants. This is not a new problem. Over 2000 years ago it was written in Proverbs 1:7b “...fools despise wisdom and instruction.” 

Knowing the truth is not enough. Truth must be lived out - not just known! Some people believe that knowledge is power. I believe that that the application of knowledge is power.  We can have all the knowledge in the world but if we don’t do anything with it, that knowledge becomesuseless.  

I believe that upon taking our Masonic oaths that we have committed our lives to reaching for and living out a higher level of existence than the profane world we exist in.  In order to do that, we are charged with the responsibility to identify the false / worldly-based and ever changing ideologies and philosophies around us and replace them with actual truths. This we cannot do however without study, effort and action.  

We all joined Masonry for a reason. I invite you to ask yourself in truth, what actions are you taking to live out your Masonic oaths? What are you doing to advance your education and understanding? What are you doing to be a role model to those around you?  What are you doing to live your life in truth?

From the South, Pat