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~ Patrick S. Zech PM ~Worshipful Master- 2020 ~

From the East

Our stated meeting was held on Feb 2nd and opened on the Fellowcraft Degree.  Brother Carl Warren (by aid of his mentor JW Josh Sticht) gave his FC proficiency in open lodge and did a great job.  What made this even more amazing is that Brother Carl was passed to FC on January 27th, just one week before! Great job Brother Carl!!!  His MM Degree has been scheduled for March 24th with practice on the 17th so plan on coming and supporting Brother Carl being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason!

Work was suspended on the 2nd degree and the lodged was reopened on the EA degree and the EA’s were invited in.  Visitors were acknowledged including MW James Williamson, PGM of Ohio, WB John Arbuckle, Dep.Grand Lecturer WV and we greeted our new DDGM WB Bill Carnell.

Downtown 86 made an official visit and it was a pleasure to greet WB Bil Hole (also PM @ 56) and all our visiting brothers.

Committee reports included WB Henry Spomer discussing a recent Children at Risk training that was very well received to the point that another training was requested.  Several more trainings are scheduled and I encourage you to support this very worthwhile Masonically supported charity.

Many of you may remember that WB Jean~Claude Malterre challenging the lodge in December to fund the purchase of an AED machine and donated $50 toward the challenge. This is a very personal topic for him as he had a heart attack in lodge in the recent past and was saved by a Brother performing CPR!  I am please to say that $850 was donated by other bodies that use our building and a motion was passed to fund the remaining $325 to purchase the unit.  It has been ordered and I will mount it as soon as it arrives (it comes with a cabinet and location sign).  Thank you WB Jean~Claude and all that donated for helping turn this idea into reality!  After install I will show a short video on it so you will be familiar with its use.  

Several mock-ups of the John Wayne memorial coin were shown and the final mocks ups and pricing will be discussed and voted on in the March meeting.  

Our training for the month consisted on a video on both the simple and esoteric symbolism of all 3 degrees.

Dates to remember:

Feb 15th 2-4 PM​Pot luck at the lodge.  This is open to all including non- masons and I encourage you to bring the family/friends and anyone interested in the fraternity.

Feb 29th 10 AM​FC Degree in Douglas hosted by DT86 with our own Br. Joe Felix doing the lecture on their actual staircase.  I still have room if you want a ride down.

March 3-6​Career days at the Southgate Academy.  Several Brothers will be talking to the youth about their respective careers. The school has many underprivileged youth and this is a great chance to let the kids know there are job opportunities out there for them. Contact WB Bil Hole (579-0665) if you are interested in attending.  

March 21st 5 PM​Downtown 86 is hosting a cigar and Whiskey night at the Shrine. A local vendor will have some quality cigars for you to purchase and the bar will be open.  We anticipate have some of our Phoenix Brothers down so it will be a good night come and enjoy some fellowship (and you don’t have to drink or smoke to attend).

March 27-29​Grand Lodge Leadership Conference in Casa Grande.  I have attended this for many years running and it is always a great opportunity for learning and fellowship with Brothers from throughout the state.  More information is available on the GL website.

Ap 18th 8-11AM​Pancake breakfast at our lodge.  We will sponsor a free pancake breakfast at our lodge for the neighbors surrounding the lodge and we have invited underprivileged youth and their families from JB Wright Elementary School. Many of you may remember their principle addressing us last year and talking about how many of the families struggle to feed their children over the weekends when the school food programs are not available. Please plan on coming down and helping with this worthwhile event.

June 11th​The 50th anniversary of Br. John Wayne’s raising to MM.  We will have a celebration at the lodge including food, drink and movies of the Duke.  Again this will be open to all so mark your calendars now.

As always, if you have any problems with the building, complaints, suggestions, ideas or just want to talk I am as close as the phone 477-9324

Fraternally, Pat


~ Matt Hendrick~ Senior Warden - 2020 ~

As the holiday season quickly comes upon us it is important for us to sit back and reflect on the blessings the Great Architect has bestowed upon us. For each of us, every year, we face trial and tribulation which at sometimes can be daunting. But we lucky few who belong to this fraternity have an advantage over many of our fellow mankind. We have the privilege of having the friendship and Brotherly love of the lodge and all the Brethren of the Craft to support us and love us. This is truly a gift we must cherish!  I encourage each of you to reach out to your Brethren this Holiday Season and spread the cement of brother love and unity to them.  Let them know that you are proud to know them and call them Brother.  I thank and love each one of you for the support you have provided to me and my family over the year!   Happy Holidays!!!


~ Josh Sticht ~ Junior Warden - 2020 ~


As I step into this new role for the new year. I am excited for everything that we have in the works! Except the trestleboard ;-). That being said, let's move on to the more exciting things, we have a lot of work to do this year and I believe most importantly working with our EAs and FCs to make sure that we lead them to the next steps in their Masonic journey. I really look forward to seeing everybody at lodge this year and hope that these articles get better as time goes on.


Br. Josh Sticht