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 Jeff Horton, PM  

~ Lodge Secretary ~

~ Trestle Board Editor ~

At our Stated Meeting for February we were served a fine meal of BBQ ribs beans and corn on the cob.  The Kitchen Staff (Pam) planned for 45 meals and only 18 were served.  Our Eastern Star Ladies work hard to support the Lodge with these meals.  Starting in March I would like to have our members either call or email me if you are going to have dinner with us.  If we don’t get enough reservations then they will prepare 20 meals and if your late for the 6:30 dinner you will be out of luck.  The ladies gave the remaining food to the Fire Department on Pima St. and they loved it.  We can’t go on like this so please let me know if you are having dinner so we can have a head count otherwise you’ll just have to take your chances on being fed. 

 Jeff Horton PM Sec.

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~ David A. Brown ~ Worshipful Master - 2019 ~

Greetings from the East brethren,


If you were unable to attend last month's stated meeting, you missed on a remarkable visitation from members of the National Sojourners. One member presented a toast to the flag, that definitely helped spark a sense of patriotism. We also had an official visit from our brethren of Downtown #86, it was very enjoyable to have them join in our fellowship. I would like to thank our Sr Steward, Joe and his lady Michelle for hosting our first social event of the year. The refreshment was awesome and weather also cooperated nicely. I would like to congratulate and welcome our 2 newest Masons into the fraternity. Brother Todd was initiated in December, and Brother Kyle was initiated in January. I see great possibilities for both of these brothers to add to the craft.

The officers of our Lodge held the first planning meeting of year. Our vision is to help each other and improve ourselves in Masonry. We plan to achieve this by streamlining our stated meetings to allow more time for Masonic and other relevant education sessions during our stated meetings. We have forecasted regular official visits to other local Lodges. By these visits we hope to strengthen or friendships and establish our connections. Mark your calendars, we have also scheduled our next social event for the last weekend of April. More details will be provided at coming stated meetings. Our Lodge planning meetings are open to all members of our Lodge. All members are encouraged to come and bring your ideas to help steer our Lodge to actions that will be beneficial to our Lodge, the craft, and society in general.  

WM Dave


~ Matthew W. Hedrick ~ Senior Warden - 2019 ~

Brethren, as we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 let us strive to show others why we are Masons. Why we have dedicated ourselves to a fraternity who goal is to make great men better.   Our society is based on the betterment of mankind.  Of taking our fellow man by the hand and helping them walk along their own path.  May we always be reminded to extend these concepts of brotherly love, compassion, and charity.   May we carry these concepts forward into the new year. 

BR Matt

Freemasonry is a moral order, instituted by virtuous men, with the praiseworthy design of recalling to our remembrance the most sublime truths, in the midst of the most innocent and social pleasures, founded on liberality, brotherly love and charity.

Augustus C.L. Arnold


~ Patrick S. Zech PM ~Junior Warden - 2019 ~

The choice is yours!

We had our first planning meeting of the new year last night! The meeting was both well attended, and in my opinion, had many exciting topics discussed, many of which will be presented at the stated meetings. 

Let me begin by saying I believe Masonry was done a disservice in our recent past when the decision was made somewhere in the hallowed halls, that the job of Masons was to make more Masons. This reaction to our dwindling numbers has shifted our focus away from what I believe the core of Masonry involves; Making Good Men Better!  Masonry evolved from men that were as a general rule the more educated of their time.  They had to understand mathematics and geometry, and be able to estimate loads and building stresses to determine how to build structures that would stand up to the ravages of time.  They also because of their “Free Mason” status were able to travel in foreign countries and gain exposure to different governments, religions, cultures and were stimulated to think new thoughts and encourage changes in their own lands.

Another of the founding principles of our fraternity was to care for our brothers when needed and if required, their widows and orphans.

All those founding principles lead me to why I am so excited about some of the topics that we discussed last night.  A consensus was quickly reached that despite the necessity to hold business meetings, they tend to be boring and have little to stimulate our minds or address ways of making good men better. I assure you the line officers are committed to finding ways to streamline and minimize the time spent on “business” at our meetings and will be including many education topics into our upcoming meeting formats.  We are looking forward to “visiting foreign countries” by scheduling official visits to other lodges in the upcoming months (including support for our youth groups!).  We also will be supporting our “widows and orphans” by getting back to holding widows luncheons and acknowledging those ladies for their support of the craft for so many years.  We had several brothers offer to host socials at their houses and discussed using the lodge as a gathering place for upcoming social gatherings where Masons and their families could take a few hours and enjoy good food and fellowship with Brother Masons.

I also outlined several needs for the building and work days will be discussed and scheduled at upcoming meetings.

The bottom line for me is this, many of us are dedicated to supplying opportunities to spend time enjoying the craft and your Brother Masons. While we are not naïve enough to believe that everyone will attend everything, I assure you that many of us will be attending these events with a renewed interest in fortifying those ideals and principles that has allowed Masonry to endure the centuries.  What did you become a mason for? What can you add to the fraternity?  Will you be willing to carve a few hours from your busy life to share with your Masonic family in the rich spoils of the war on mediocrity and complacent existence? The choice as always is yours!