May 7, 2007

My Brothers,

In Masonry, we find that many good things come in threes. So do birthdays. We celebrate the New Year's birthday on the first of January each year and mark it by parties and the making of resolutions. We celebrate our personal birthday on our special day, sometimes with a party or some observance, and sometimes we make a resolution about the future, too. There's a third birthday for each of us, but I'll bet many of us don't remember its date, or mark it on our calendars, or make a resolution or two even if we do remember it. We're talking, here, about our Masonic Initiation day, of course. It's the day we took upon ourselves a solemn obligation to enter into a new life. In a sense, it's our Masonic New Year's Day and our birthday rolled into one. So, how many anniversaries of that special Masonic day have come and gone for you, unnoticed, - two, five, twenty-five?

No one says we have to mark this day. No one says we have to make a resolution on its anniversary. But, why not do it? What better way can we think of to commemorate our on-going work in Masonry than to make a special note of when we began and resolve to do something special or different in the coming Masonic year? That resolution could be to work on a committee, go up the line, read a Masonic book, or work on a Cardinal virtue. It could be as simple as resolving to go to every Stated Meeting in your next Masonic year, or visiting a different Lodge or two.

Our Brother Secretary is the keeper of the Masonic records. Maybe, if you sweet-talk him a little, he'will research your Initiation day and then you can get busy making Masonic resolutions - and keeping them! You'll be giving yourself a Masonic birthday present!

Br. Stephen C. Harrington