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Purpose and Mission

The Bikes for Books (b4b) program is designed to assist in the improvement of reading skills of elementary school students. Studies and statistics show learning to read and the continuing development of that skill occurs usually by the third (3rd) grade. If a child has not learned and started development of this skill they will lag behind throughout their educational years and often throughout life unless a major intervention occurs.

The Founding Fathers of our country started and supported the Public Education system. Since that time great education advancements have occurred for the general public.

Incentives appear to have a positive effect on many elementary school students so the idea of winning or earning a new bicycle usually will create the interest to read more.

Suggested steps for forming and operating a
“Bikes for Books Program”

  1. This is a long term/continuous program so funding and sustainability is first and foremost. 
  2. Select a school that has or desires a reading program and would welcome receiving bikes for the program.
  3. Select type and number of bikes to be donated.
  4. Decide how often you will donate bikes.
  5. You and the school agree on the type of program.  NOTE: The school is in best position to select type of program and the guidelines as they have to administer it.
    1. School General reading program
    2. Special reading requirements
    3. At risk/Deficit” or “Some risk/Emerging” program
  6. Establish dates and plan for media coverage.
    1. Notify school well in advance of time bikes will arrive.
    2. Have bikes available before or at least during the reading period (for display to create excitement).
    3. Let News Media know about delivery and presentation a week or two in advance of date of occurrence. Social Media likes to plan for coverage if possible.
  7. Be sure you have release from parents for any photographs and media coverage.
  8. Enjoy the excitement you generate when you deliver the bikes to the school, also enjoy the “Thank You” you will receive from parents and school staff.
  9. If at all possible be present at the presentation program.